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*May contain cosmetic blemishes but are otherwise fully functional and carry the same warranties.


Are you ready for the newest iteration of the #1 arcade gaming system the Neo Geo? This new Neo Geo System is a rebirth of the original Neo Geo console of yesteryear but this time it's ready for your setup in 2015, 2016 and beyond.


This new Neo Geo console called the Omega is a new version of the NEO Geo system AES (also know Advanced Entertainment System for home use) but instead of playing those sometimes incomplete and hard to find AES carts, this system is a true new Neo Geo MVS home console. 




The Omega is a consolized MVS Neo Geo game system, meaning that it will play All of the Arcade NEO Geo Games. That's right. Now you can get all your favorite Neo Geo games in their true arcade form, but this time you can play them on any TV you choose.






This new Neo Geo system comes complete with a full clean setup and connects via Composite/S-Video/RGB or Component Video for the cleanest display. It of course also features stereo sound output. It's power supply is internal to make it a nice clean system setup worldwide voltage support at (90-260V).  


This New Neo Geo System Features And Includes The Following:

- Ability to Play The Entire Neo Geo MVS Carts Library

- Ability to Play Neo Geo Multi-Carts like the 120-in-1 Neo Geo Game Cartridges

- Built In Power Supply & Included Power Cable

- High Quality Spring Loaded Cartridge Flaps

- Composite S-Video TV Hookup Cable

- This model features the Virtual Memory Card (VMC for short) for saving game data and high scores

- Made in the USA 60 Day Guaranteee !



Now is the time to relive the arcade experience of the Neo Geo, with this home arcade system.


*May contain cosmetic blemishes but are otherwise fully functional and carry the same warranties.


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