60 to 72 pin Famicom to NES Adapter

Brand: Arcade Works
Product Code: AR-60272
Availability: Out Of Stock

Are you a total NES junkie? Now Arcade Works will soon enable you to play a large library of original Famicom (Japanese Nintendo) games on your original US original Nintendo game system.  Now this 60-72 pin adapter is going to open a whole new genre of classic NES games.

This converter/adapter will enable you to play a very large variety of Japanese original Nintendo games on your US NES (or compatible US pin outs) and enable you to increase your original NES 8bit collection to levels you never dreamed of.

This adapter is a Pre-Order item only currently and by pre-ordering the 60 to 72 pin adapter to play Famicom games on your original Nintendo you understand that this date may change

* Pre-Order ship ETA is approximately Dec 2015.  Preorders will be shipped end of year based on first orders received.

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