72 Pin Connector - Nintendo Pin Replacement - Blinking Light Win

Brand: Arcade Works
Product Code: BLW
Availability: Pre-Order
PreOrder Ship ETA: January 2017

It's here. The ultimate in NES connector repair part. A project that was launched successfully on Kickstarter with nearly triple the amount of the fund amount, has finally been released. The "blinking light win" has been produced to save all the non-working original Nintendo Entertainment systems of the past. Stop being frustrated with your Original Nintendo, and get started classic gaming again with the original "Toaster Nes" and recondition it the right way the best engineered solution now known as the Blinking Light Win.



The Best 72 Pin Connector Replacement

With both a successful re-design of the original Nintendo console cartridge carrier slot, this repair part for the original NES supercedes all previous attempts of repairing the "72 pin connector". And to make your original Nintendo experience so much more than what it was before, the BLW also features no region lockout. Meaning that you can now sucessfully play any region original NES game with this original NES repair and modification.


Stop stop blowing into your NES carts, and throwing away this piece of gaming history, and get start "Winning" over the infamous "Blinking Original Nintendo Light".


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