The Neo Geo Arcade System - This System You Really Want

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If You've Always Wondered About the Neo Geo Arcade System, This is It in A Nutshell.

If you are any type of gamer, you've probably heard of the legendary "Neo Geo". 


original neo geo arcade machine


It was one of the earliest powerhouse arcade multi-gaming systems. And yes, it eventually became available for the home. 


neo geo arcade home console version




Though, when the system was released it was the "baddest game home arcade system" known to man, but there was a huge problem. 


neo geo home arcade ad



And that problem was the price of the console, games and accessories.


Even almost 25 years after the initial US launch, the Neo Geo arcade games are still some of the most entertaining, addicting and just plain fun to play. There has been a multitude of popular titles that have spun off after the years that have continued onto next gen systems.


But if you want an original Neo Geo Arcade System for your home, you'll be hard pressed to spend money on a fairly antiquated system with older hookups, no software or hardware support, and overall no scalability. 


BUT THE GAMES ARE SO AWESOME. (And if you want some of the best games for the system, you'll still spend over $300-500 per home version of the game).


However here at Arcade Works, we've revamped the hardware, and created a great homage to the Neo Geo Arcade System and have consolized (basically made it available for home TV connections) allowing you to play the actual "Neo Geo Arcade Games" from the original full size cartridges from years ago.


And the best part about it, is that the games for the Arcade version of the Neo Geo are much cheaper, widely available, and even feature some exclusive options that are not in the "home versions" of the ported cartridges.


So if you have ever thought about getting yourself a Neo Geo Arcade System, then the Omega Neo Geo Arcade Game System will quench your thirst of all of the awesome that is Neo Geo!


Like all great things, just don't forget to get it while the going is good, because they won't be around forever. Just like the original NEO GEO Systems.


Oh, and because we love these games so much, we decide to leave you with someone that created a true musical masterpiece to this timeless piece of arcade hardware. Enjoy!


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