Blinking Light Win - Replacement NES 72 Pin Connector

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The best 72 pin connector replacement for the original Nintendo Entertainment System on the market.

 The Blinking Light Win began as a successful kickstarter campaign to fix the inherent reliability problems of the toaster design of the NES.  The dreaded blinking red light is now a thing of the past.


No longer will the cartridge pin connector suffer from excessive wear and tear by using the original ZIF connector design. The Blinking Light Win is a complete redesign of the cartridge loading mechanism. Cartridges now load in a direct horizontal fashion. Reliability is now on par with your other favorite cartridge-based retro systems.


What's included:

• Cartridge connector assembly interface

• Redesigned cartridge loading tray


Ships in approximately 2-3 days. LIMIT 2 PER CUSTOMER.