NeoBiosMasta VMC v2021 (Virtual Memory Card)

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Available for purchase on January 10, 2022 10am PST. SOLD OUT. No ETA on next batch.

The NeoBiosMasta (NBM) VMC is a bios replacement board for your MV-1B and MV-1C that includes an integrated Unibios 4.0 and a 16KB virtual memory card (VMC). (Purchase of a separate Unibios 4.0 eprom is NOT required for this product)

The MV-1B and MV-1C normally do not have the ability to support a physical memory card. This board tricks these systems into thinking there is memory card installed. 8 times the size of an original memory card!

If you use a XXX in 1 multicart, you may need to power off the system to change games. This is a software bug inside of multicarts that disables returning to the game select menu when it detects any memory card. This is not a bug with the VMC boards and will happen on any system with any memory card present.

You must disable or remove the existing bios on your motherboard prior to installation of the NBM. Soldering is required for disabling the bios. Please see product pictures for wiring diagrams. We are not responsible for any damage to your motherboard during installation.

This version of the NeoBiosMasta is not compatible with the Omega Entertainment Machine due to case fitting issues and a lack of eprom socket. Please contact us for other VMC upgrade options for your Omega.