Omega Entertainment Machine - Consolized Neo Geo MVS Game Console

Regular price $529.99

Neo-Geo consolization at it's finest. It takes the best of both worlds: the stylings of the original AES & accessibility of the MVS library. Has all the bells & whistles you could ask for in a CMVS...

The features:
• Fully enclosed consolized MVS system w/ spring loaded cartridge flaps
• Custom molded enclosure constructed with ABS plastic
• Natively outputs Composite/S-Video/RGB/ Component Video w/ Stereo Sound
• Unibios 4.0
• Internal power supply with worldwide voltage support (90-260V)
• Compatible with the entire MVS library including multi-carts and flash carts
• This model features the Virtual Memory Card (VMC for short) for saving game data and high scores. A world's first for consolized MVS consoles.

What's Included:
• Composite/S-video Cable
• Power Cable
• 60 day warranty


Ships in approximately 3 weeks.